12-18-2019: Finally got Kaylah’s page up! All art is added as products, and any new product I categorize as ‘Kaylah’ will show up only on her page and not the home page anymore. (That took some work to fix, lol) Anyway, it’s live baby girl! Start blasting your link on all your socials and have your friends share it and lets make you some money! The link is https://paintingabstract.com and directly to your page is: https://paintingabstract.com/kaylah

Let’s get it!

11-18-2019: A wonderful friend of mine, Hernan, has a 3D printer, and created this awesome customized business card holder because I told him I bought 100 new cards for the #WLWOpenMic I go pick it up tomorrow!! (I mocked up my business card into it below, lol, I couldn’t resist!)

Thanks again Hernan, you’re the Man!

11-16-2019: I have made new business cards, (shown in previous post), and have a new 3D printed card holder made with my logo on it coming soong from HErnan.. Thanks again Hernan!!! Also made this new image as the ‘Sign’. (Which I print this one image, spanning 6 pieces of Glossy paper, and then glue them aligned to cardboard backing to make a nice ‘Sign’).

Had to put the QR code so folks can just walk by and scan it, open my site, and keep on keepin on.. lol. I’ma networking Monster… lol.

11-11-2019: New business cards to hand out at the next Open Mic Nov 22. Hopefully drive some traffic to the website. New paintings coming soon, before the event for sure as well.

Got 100 for $15… not bad at all. Here’s the design I made:

11-3-2019: I started using this app called Pixaloop and it lets you animate still images. and has alot of options and makes some amazing animations. I’ve animated 4 of my paintings so far, check them out!

Violet Bloom

Purple & Indigo

Astros Baby!

Autumn Splash

11-2-2019: Made some new art last night using a colander pour and alot of burnt umber, red, browns, gray, and white and they came out amazing… BUT!!!! My dumb ass sat them on an uneven surface to dry and woke up to a pool of paint on one side of each painting. They ran and completely changed the composition and cracked. I’m so upset! Here’s pics of how they looked last night compared to today. #1 became #2, and #3 became #4 🀬😑😠😑🀬 But at least 1 good one came out of it, the red and black one came out ok. but ugh… 

10-24-2019: 30x24in – β€˜Violet Bloom’ – Original Abstract Acrylic Painting

This has to be the most pretty one I’ve made so far. I fell on my back after making it and hurt myself so it better had came out good, lol. Im not putting it up on the site just yet as it’s for my Gallery showing this Friday and I don’t want it to get purchased before then. so here are some shots of it!

10-14-2019: 20x16in – β€˜Astros Abstract’ – Original Abstract Acrylic Painting – Thick Canvas

Another shot at a Houston Astros themed abstract painting. I love how this one came out!

10-07-2019: 30x24in – β€˜Purple and Indigo’ – Original Abstract Acrylic Painting – Thick Canvas

Just me having some fun with some blues and purples and a few other things, but came out elegant looking. I love the way the blues mixed with everything, it came out so awesome! My biggest canvas yet!

9-30-2019: My lovely niece Kaylah will be posting her artwork on this website moving forward as well, and has her own page too! *Check the Kaylah Link in the menu above* or you can browse to www.paintingabstract.com/kaylah

All artwork listed on that page will be hers.

9-22-2019: ‘Messing around this weekend. Made some new 8×10’s while practicing for the new 20x16in and 24x20in canvases I got! Going to do something nice with those. Thinking galaxies and nebulas. Pinks, purples, reds, blues, etc.. We’ll see. The 8×10’s posted in the main Gallery, but here they are. Also I got my first commission! Friend wants a mayan pyramid, with a sealine, trees, etc. So I’m building it layer on layer. Coming Soon!

9-17-2019: ‘Annyssa’s 22nd Birthday!’

Today my oldest daughter turned 22! Man, how time flies! So I painted her something with colors she likes, a 20×16 canvas, and an 8×10 to with it. She loves it, but wants a third 8×10 to make a diagonal set. Ill get on that soon, but here’s the first 2 and different variations of flash, no flash, auto filter, none, etc. Tried to get it so you can see the purple. Happy birthday angel, we love you and are so proud of you!!!

9-16-2019: My first attempt at a ‘Bobb Ross’ Style Landscape for Olivia’s upcoming Birthday. lol

9-10-2019: ‘Black Waterfalls’

Playing with making landscapes with only black and white. This one came out nice! Doing a mountain scene next and then I may do both in one on a larger canvas! #PaintingAbstract

Black Waterfalls – 9-10-2019

9-8-2019: ‘Blue Ivy’ – New technique and looks pretty so I made it a 3 piece set and selling them together. #PaintingAbstract

Woke up early to knock out a couple paintings. Selling these as a 3 piece set. They’re all 8×10’s. Blues and purples mixed nice. It’s up on this site and my Etsy store! Check them out! #PaintingAbstract

9-7-2019:Black and Golds‘. This one came out very nice. I love the overall tones!

8-31-2019: Mom wants some ‘earth toned’ colors, so I am testing a few things, and tonight’s came out pretty!

These could be sides for a big center piece to be sold as a Set of 3.

Loving the colors and the way the gold fades with the feathers!

8-30-2019: Houston Astros Themed Paintings! – 8 Total Variations

Everyone’s been asking me to make some Houston Astros themed paintings and I finally got around to it last night! I tried to make a star, and it didn’t come out how I wanted but I had enough paint to make 7 other 8x10in canvases, (the good kind stretched over a wooden frame on the back), each using a different technique and they came out so amazing! Get em while they last, lol ppl already asking to buy more than one! Thanks guys.

@HoustonAstros – @Astros – Hit me up for a custom original painting!

8-28-2019: Blues and Clouds – This one came out so awesome! I may paint some 3D art on top of it!